The Song of Moses — Exodus 13-15

I’m so glad that joined me again; I hope you are keeping up in your readings. You know, Satan is going to be doing his best to discourage it, to crowd it out, to get you to leave it out of your busy schedule. I hope you’re fighting back and if you’ve missed some you’ve been quick to get back with the program.

This passage is about the Exodus proper. Moses and Israel leave Egypt, lure Pharaoh out to chase them, and cross the Red Sea safely while Pharaoh and his army drown. By the way, a lot of liberal scholars discount these miracles as, for example, wading across a reedy swamp; but (a) their god is too small and (b) they haven’t read other passages that clearly identify the Red Sea as the body of water crossed. Egyptian chariot wheels at the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba bring strong evidence to the truth of the biblical record.

The thought that I wanted to bring up here is today is the song of Moses, the song of triumph and praise and thanksgiving that Miriam and the other women sang at the conclusion of this great event. Can you imagine the celebration? Imagine the relief going from sheer fear and panic at the Egyptian attack to blow-your-mind wonder at walking through the Red Sea, to the catastrophic collapse of the sea’s walls on the Egyptians, defeating them in a moment in a giant roar of the water!!

What makes this interesting to me is that this song is mentioned again in Revelation as God’s people are rescued completely and finally and the end of time — the ultimate liberation of God’s people. God’s people, on the ragged edge of defeat, fearing the worst, yet in the blink of an eye caught up in blow-your-mind wonder at the mighty coming of Jesus and the resurrection, and finally singing the triumphant Song of Moses at the crushing defeat of Satan, sin, and death!! Who knows how long the celebration will last; who knows how long we’ll want to sing?! It will be your wedding day, birth of your firstborn child, winning the Super Bowl, winning the World Series (ala Red Sox 1004), getting big raise and promotion, and more all rolled into one — on steroids!!

No wonder we sing of Heaven with such longing.

See you tomorrow, Lord willing!

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I'm a minister for the Rock Hill church of Christ in Frisco TX ( where I've worked since 2020. I'm a big fan of my family, archaeology, the Bible, and the Lord's church.
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