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The Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:44)

Hidden treasures were not uncommon in Israel. Palestine was / is the land bridge between many of the aggressive nations of the north and east to Egypt. Egypt was always considered a plum target, because of its power and wealth. … Continue reading

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The Best, the Most, and from the Heart

Luke 21 (also Mark 12:41) tells the story of Jesus sitting in the Temple near the Temple’s treasury contribution box. The Lord had observed a number of rich people come through and drop in their bag of silver coins. “Jingle! … Continue reading

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Learning to Embrace Discipline

We’ve all said it before — something like it — as we were being disciplined by a parent: “You don’t love me anymore!” How this pierces a loving parent’s heart, because he/she knows better; godly, appropriate discipline is practiced as … Continue reading

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